The Gay Student Association was founded on January 25 1999 after repeated regular meetings about the situation of homosexuality at the University of Iceland. Members were quickly over 150. Through the years the association has been more radical than other queer movements and thus driven queer politics in Iceland in many ways. It was in the forefront with accepting both bisexual and trans people into the association, and was the first to use the Icelandic term „hinsegin“ (lit. different, translated as queer) in it’s formal name to emphasise that it fought for the rights of all queer people. This happened in the year 2008 when the associations name was changed to Q – félag hinsegin stúdenta // Q – Queer Student Association.

The associations aim:

  • Give all queer (LGBTQIA+) students the opportunity to meet, support and unify them
  • Be a visible force within universities and an advocate for queer individuals and matters
  • Fight for queer rights within and outside universities
  • Work for more and better education, teaching, discussion, and research regarding queer matters within as many university schools and faculties as possible

The association for you!

Whether you already identify as queer or are unsure about your sexuality and/or sexual identity, Q is for you. The association is for all of those who care about queer matters. Those who are taking their first steps, are out and proud, or just would like to learn more; are all welcome and encouraged to get in touch with us and take part in Q’s activities. Q is meant to be an unforced place to meet and get to know people going through similar things.

Q is built up of students and young adults who meet up regularly and talk about everything that matters and everyday life as well. We also organise all sorts of events to increase diversity, such as; weekend trips, beer nights, parties, board game nights, seminars and movie screenings. Again, we would like to encourage you to show up at our events. We welcome everyone.